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FAQ & Terms

  • What is Sezzle and is there a minimum purchase amount?
          Sezzle is a great way to shop. You can setup a payment plan with Sezzle. There is a minimum purchase price of $35 to shop using Sezzle. For more information about Sezzle, visit

  • What is the turnaround time & how will I receive my digital design?
          Due to the nature of digital downloads, there is ZERO TAT! Your design is made available to you immediately once your payment is processed. Which also means, no shipping! Everything is done virtually & practically immediately! 

  • Do you have a refund policy?
         As listed in the description of every digital file, there are NO refunds on digital items. I cannot prove you have or have not downloaded the item & cannot prove you do not still have it after receiving a refund.

    If you have problems with your download, I will be glad to help in anyway, please contact me through the Facebook group or at


  • The design files themselves may not be shared in any way. This includes (but is not limited to) sharing the files via email, USB drive, shared file storage drives or uploading the files on social media.
  • The design may only be produced using equipment that you own and operate. Third party production of any kind is not permitted without written approval.
  • You may not modify, recreate, replicate any part of this design. You may not take parts of designs to create your own design.
  • If you plan on selling any type of transfers, you are required to purchase the commercial license.
  • Copyright remains with Sissy's Doodles and all rights are reserved.